For A Fresher Cup, Drink Croatan Coffee

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Enjoy a cup of fresh artisanal coffee to curb your morning cravings. Our Arabica coffees are proudly Roasted in Maysville, NC,  and is offered to the local community, and through out the Carolina's and beyond online.

"This coffee is amazing! It's the only coffee I want to drink anymore! It has such a wonderful fresh flavor....."

Brianna H.

".... Carolina Pecan is the bomb!"

Jan C.

"Just made a pot of pumpkin spice coffee. I am in heaven!"

Lisa M.

" Had it for the first time and loved every drop of it."

Casey N.

" Bold flavors, smells amazing brewing, and keeps us going."

Edward W.

" Bold flavour without the bitter after taste, love the pecan flavour! "

Alysia B.

" I was pleasantly surprised with the wonderful taste and aroma.."

Mike C.

" 5 Stars .." 

Kenyatta H.

" That's a great cup of coffee .." 

Marcus B.

" Loved the dark roast!, Can't wait to try the Irish Cream Next! "

Rachel and Rodney S.

A Veteran Owned And Operated Small Business.

Hi!,  If you're just stopping by to browse, A first time buyer, or a returning customer, we want to say THANK YOU for your support! Not only for small businesses such as myself, but supporting Veteran Owned Businesses just like us!

We're A Veteran Owned Buisness

Our Genesis

Nestled in the surroundings of  the Croatan National Forest in Eastern North Carolina.  Through our love of drinking coffee, we adventured into roasting our first batch of coffee beans in a cast iron skillet on a open fire in the backyard. Taking it further by sharing our roasting pride with friends and family. Backyard roasting is long gone but the love and hand crafted ambience for coffee is still present with every small batch..Enjoy your cup of joe!

The Little Coffee Shop On Wheels

The Nitro Coffee Cart was introduced in 2018. Powered by food grade Nitrogen gas that serves Cold Brewed Coffee and Nitro Coffee on tap! Nitro Coffee that is served chilled, and has a rich creamy head, a beautiful cascade, with a wonderful baker's chocolate after taste. We set up at local festivals and events. In September 2018 the Nitro  Coffee Cart was deployed in the midst of devastation. Giving moral to the local first responders, National Guard, and Linemen from across the states that were in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence that devastated our local communities. 50 gallons of cold brewed coffee was served throughout Jones County NC. But that would of not been possible without the generous donations of our friends, and local customers providing potable water, and ice that themselves could of used in this dramatic times. We were able to serve to these heros five short days after landfall. ( Pictured is Jason Pearce, owner of Croatan Coffee Roasting Co. with linemen somewhere in the middle of nowhere.)

Hours Of Operation

Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm
Saturday, 11am - 5pm
Sunday,  Closed

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